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"Wisdom hath built her house, she hath hewn out her seven pillars." Proverbs 9:1

When dealing with wisdom, it is important to be firmly planted in Yahuah. Unless we become like Solomon. Solomon had a dream and Yahuah told Solomon to ask for whatever he wanted. Instead of asking for fleshly things, material possessions, or long life; Solomon asked for wisdom on how to govern the people. Because he asked for wisdom, Yahuah also gave him riches. We read this in 1 Kings 3:1 - 15.

The story starts with Solomon being submitted to Yahuah and then it all goes south. He starts marrying foreign wives and serving their "mighty ones". He starts testing the wisdom and digging himself into deeper and deeper ditches.

We must know that no matter how much wisdom we have, we are not wiser than Yahuah. Yahuah is the giver of true wisdom. This seems like a no brainer but lets judge by our actions.

Have there been times Yahuah has told us to do something but we seek to reason around what He said? Or we just flat out disobey Him or those He has set to watch over our souls.

The word Chokmah is Strong's Concordance number H2451. It can be translated as wisdom or skill and it means wisdom; skill in war. It comes from the root word Chakam which is Strong's Concordance number H2449 meaning to be wise in mind, word, or act.

The Ancient Hebrew Analysis: The hidden curving or opening of the hand to protect or expose the water of revelation.

Let me explain. This word deals with the hidden man which is the heart. A skillful heart is one that has dexterity which is the ability to perform a difficult action quickly and skillfully. To be skillful is to know when and how to respond in any given situation.

Wisdom or skill from Yahuah gives you the insight to know when to embrace and when to refrain from embracing. When to love and when to hate. When to eat and when to fast. When to build and when to tear down.

Wisdom tells you when a relationship is worth fighting for and when to let it go. It tells you when to witness to your brother or when to remain silent. It tells you when to show mercy and when to bring judgment.

As I stated earlier, Chokmah is the hidden curving or opening of the hand to protect or expose the water of revelation. The water of revelation can represent any revealed situation. To be skillful is to look at the situation and know whether to protect something or expose it.

Again this comes from Yahuah through Yahusha haMashiach to us.

"Behold, thou desirest truth in the inward parts: and in the hidden part thou shalt make me to know wisdom." Psalm 51:6

Prayer Point: Ask Yahusha have you been operating according to His wisdom or have you been operating in worldly wisdom.

Reflection: Do I know what to protect and what to expose? Do I protect things that should be exposed or expose things that should be protected?

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